Snapworx Digital Inc. is a performance-based digital marketing agency situated in the Philippines. The company's constant mission is to provide tools driving growth to different types of business with the essence of digital marketing. Fueled by search engine marketing, mobile marketing and social media marketing solutions, Snapworx Digital Inc. has been known to deliver real business results.

The company trail blazed in December 2002; first as Global Wireless Connections, Inc. (GWC). GWC was the Philippines' first full-service mobile marketing agency handling accounts of different captains of industries such as Unilever, Western Union and many others. Banking on the company's continuous rate of success, GWC expanded operations and shifted to a full-service digital marketing agency, offering both mobile and digital services in 2007. Thus, Snapworx Digital Inc. flourished.

Why opt for digital marketing with Snapworx?

Today's market has been majorly accessible and advanced more than ever imagined. Technology has opened numerous channels for companies to explore and connect to their niche markets. Thus, with the help of technology, opportunities were made possible for digital marketing strategies.

An average person spends almost 12-13 hours in using the internet in a day. This means that you have a lot of ways to reach your market every day. With a digital marketing strategy, you can connect, engage and inform your market in the most creative and effective ways possible. Catch them anytime and anywhere with mobile marketing, search marketing and social media marketing and never miss a chance to influence them with your brand's presence.

However, the availability of marketing channels is not enough to make a strategy effective. This is why Snapworx Digital Inc. focused to specialize in this industry. Aside from our long experience in digital, Snapworx's unique advantage is in our fully-integrated digital agency model. We manage the entire digital cycle in-house: strategy, creatives, media, and technology. This allows us to provide creative, logical, cost-efficient and effective digital marketing solutions for businesses in a timely manner.